Successfully spent a day by myself 👌

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Smoke // Sorority Noise

Sleep next to me, 
tell me everything is how it should be. 
When we wake I’ll beg you not to leave, 
tell me there are promises not meant to keep. 

and your hair will smell like smoke 
because you are a ghost. 
I won’t hold you hand 
because soon you’ll disappear. 

Sleep next to me, 
tell me everything is how it should be. 
When you leave to haunt someone else’s dreams, 
think of me, 

just know I’ll never leave. 

Sleep next to me, 
tell me everything is how it should be.

oh okay

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on my way to work this morning. #911 #neverforget

  September 11, 2014 at 09:20am

So work was stressful. I hope it gets easier over the next two weeks.

Also feeling really reckless?

I don’t know why I get this way, there is nothing wrong with my life. !!!

I can’t handle this constantly fluctuating self-esteem. I know that that’s normal, everyone has “off” days…but this is so dramatically different from the way I felt two days ago and absolutely nothing happened that would trigger this kind of a response. 

I’m frustrated because I know I’m not being rational but I don’t know how to change the way I feel, either.

  September 08, 2014 at 09:47pm



Watching the NPGL last night was the most incredible experience I could have ever asked for. It was so empowering to see all these beautiful, strong, and extremely athletic women kick ass at a sport men were competing in as well.

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Chiptole, ran home (almost puked, but made it through), and spent the hour train ride home talking about weightlifting, gains, and changing one’s physique simply through athletics.

So I woke up this morning with an unexplainable high to change myself and my life. Not only that, but to take in how blessed I am for the changes I’ve made this past summer and how much I’ve grown since school.

I’m done being that weak girl. I want to be one of those girls that people look up to. Do I want a kick ass body? Abso-fucking-lutely. But do I really want the body over the strength and empowerment I can bring to myself as well as to other? Not at all.

I want to be that success story. I want to be a famous athlete. Whether it’s for rugby, powerlifting, fitness completions, crossfit or just an obsessive gym-goer, I want to be that athlete people look at and say, “Wow. If she can make it, so can I.”

That’s what I want, and that’s my goal over everything else in this world.

ah this girl <33

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  1. I’ve Given Up On You by Real Friends
  2. Different People by Man Overboard
  3. Never Let This Go by Paramore
  4. The Garbage Pail Kid Gang Bang by Jonny Craig
  5. Degausser by Brand New
  6. The Mess I Made by Parachute
  7. Day Old Hate by City & Colour
  8. Clairvoyant by The Story So Far
  9. Stay With Me [acoustic] by You Me At Six
  10. More to Me [acoustic] by Balance and Composure

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1) A boy telling you you’re pretty won’t make you see the beauty in the fullness of your cheeks, in redness of your lips at 2 in the morning when tequila is making the bar bathroom spin. He can’t take away the ugliness that you see in yourself, you have to do that.

2) You have to be ready to hear someone say they love you. You have to be ready, and you have to be willing, and you have to listen. Because sometimes, they won’t say those three words, they’ll put a blanket over you while you’re watching a movie, they’ll kiss your cheek when they think you’re asleep, they’ll smile when they see you first thing in the morning. But you, you have to be willing to see it, feel it, let it in. Letting someone love you takes practice.

3) Don’t make compromises you can’t live with. Compromise is a different version of what you want, not a whole other Universe.

4) Learn to say no. No - to a movie you don’t want to watch; no - to sex you don’t want to have, no- to a relationship that’s driving you mad. Say no - to things that hurt you, to people that extinguish your fire, to jobs you hate and places that are desolate. There are bad things that we can’t control, bad things that happen and we are sucked into and have to feel with every fibre of our being, but the rest - learn to distance yourself, learn to say no.

5) Don’t expect people to walk through fire for you - not your parents, not your friends, not the person you’re in love with. Love doesn’t mean sacrifice, love shouldn’t mean sacrifice. Don’t expect someone to give away pieces of them, so they could fit you better. And don’t feel hurt when they refuse to - it’s self-preservation. Instead - learn from them. Do it as well.

6) Don’t tether yourself to people. Learn to make connections, to love, with both your feet steady on the ground. Learn to let people pass through your life; like a summer breeze, not a storm that’s just been unleashed.

7) Learn the difference between growth and growing up before it’s too late. Rooftops and water fights and ice cream for breakfast can be a part of your life at 10, 25, or 35. But by the time you’re 35 you need to learn to say enough, to be able to walk away, you need to be able to love yourself. Love yourself the way you loved yourself at 10, before the world had a chance to fill your head with ugliness.

m.v., The list of things I learned before turning 22, pt.1. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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also horrible body image today but pretending it’s not happening.

  September 07, 2014 at 06:58pm

sept 7

so last night with tall Navy boy was sweet. ended up having a sleepover at the barracks (oops) but nothing happened bc I’m trying this new thing where I don’t do anything sexual right away. So far so good? He was respectful and I can’t really tell if he’s just waiting me out or what, but yeah. He took me to breakfast this morning and put gas in my car??? He’s literally probably the nicest guy I’ve ever been out with so I don’t know why I am so skeptical!

hung out with the girls from work today, it was so hot! It always seems to get humid at the very end of the summer. Definitely ready for some fall weather!

There are gonna be a lot of changes at work over the next couple of weeks and I’m not totally prepared to be honest. Trying to take it one day at a time!

Determined to finish my damn august playlist tonight, I am such a procrastinator!

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I’ve spent the end of my summer
Listening to these songs I know you don’t like.
I’ve been wondering where you are and who you’re with.
We used to lay on your kitchen floor at two a.m.
I was forty miles away from my house, but I never felt so at home.

Hebron, Real Friends.